Australia/New Zealand Trip Blog

At the beginning of July 2013, Karolina and I took a whirlwind trip off to the southern hemisphere, mostly to see New Zealand. Karolina had a conference in Melbourne, Australia for a week; we tacked on two weeks before the conference to do some sightseeing. Visiting New Zealand was, in some sense, a celebration of both of us finishing our PhD programs and a second honeymoon: we had considered visiting New Zealand for our honeymoon, but decided we did not have the time or the funds to do so at the time.

I've tried to make trip blogs for several of our trips but this is the first one I've succeeded in putting up. It's broken up by day with a rough map of our travels, pictures, and my best recollection of the details of the trip. Maybe one of these days I will at least write the text as we're traveling, instead of trying to remember two weeks later what happened!

At any rate, enjoy!